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Gail Clark ( Plante)
June 08, 1944 Retired Accountant Married 1
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Nancy Allen
retired teacher Divorced 2
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Karen Grossklaus (Anderson)
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Profile picture
August 07, 1944 Retired Married 3
 We have three children, Michael, Peter and Katherine,  Michael and Peter were born in the States before we moved to London.  Katherine was born in London.   All three attended UK primary schools and then attended an International School after the age of 13.  Our sons are married and live in NYC with 5 of our granddaughters, all under 6 yrs old.  Katherine lives and works in San Francisco.  We are blessed. 


While in London, I was the Director of Language Link, Translation and Interpreting Service.  I am a professional Calligrapher as well.  After living in London for almost 30 years, we decided to close down our company, a mergers and acquisitions firm, and move back to the States to Naples, Florida.  We are amazingly busy in this lovely community. 

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John Askling
February 18, 1944 retired Divorced 2
I am living with a special lady in South Orange and Brewster Ma.  Being close enough to Verona, I get to see my children frequently and visit with old pals from our hometown. I can't wait to see you ALL at the reunion. Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Linda Verbelovsky (Barbour)
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July 13, 1944 retired Committed Relationship 2
Been living in Illinois for the past 40 years. After a long ,marriage,  divorced 20 years ago.  Have 2 kids (now in their 40's), and 5 grandchildren.  Carl (in the picture) and I have been together for 17 years.  We both retired in October of 09 and are  loving every minute. Hope to see you all at the reunion.  Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
thomas n/a (barone)
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April 25, 1943 healthcare 68W-R n/a Committed Relationship
with everyone looking so perfect and so terribly  together ..i doubt that i shall recognize ........ but a very few!!!
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Pam Munson (Becker)
January 29, 1944 Married 2
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Brenda Bell
retired court reporter Single Again
Hi everyone,
I stopped living at work to work at living in
Cape May and in Florida.  I volunteer, am a fitness freak and a beachbum.  See ya'll at the reunion where we can match wrinkles.  Stay  healthy!
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virginia maley (blight)
June 21, 1944 retired Married 3
After PSU I went to visit my sister in Hawaii and stayed 4 years. First living on the beach at the North Shore and then in Honolulu working as a fashion buyer. Great fun and glamorous life but I wanted to see more of the world. Moving to Europe I lived  and worked in fantastic cities. Florence was more me than Munich. In London I met my husband and have lived in England for 42 years. My days were happily filled with looking after my family. All three girls followed their father and graduated from Oxford or Cambridge. I started and ran a sucessful swiming school for 18 years. Creating a garden and sewing for drama productions  filled my spare time. Each Easter we went to Jupiter Fla. to be with family and we enjoyed family trips in Europe in the summer. Now Ivor and I love to travel but always happy to return home to spend as much time with our daughters and two grandchildren who live in London. October NJ can,t wait! Send virginia a MessageSend virginia a Message
todd brady
November 15, 1944 Household mover/packer Married
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