On the 'Choose Event' window below, click on 2019 Party to see the list of your classmates who have already signed up to attend our 2019 Party. It's going  to be a great fun! So please take a moment to visit the RSVP 2019 Party page and sign up. Thanks. 

We're all looking forward to seeing you again in Spring Lake, NJ October 1-2 2019

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Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Ann Yellott
Anne Engstrom (Dematteis)
Barbara Rothauser (Carano)
Barbara Siciliano (Nunez)
Barbara Siciliano [nunez]
Barbara Siciliano Nunez
Barry Sunshine
Bob Burrell (Burrell)
Bob Gimpel
Bob Weldon
Carol Hinrichs (Heath)
Carol Hinrichs Heath
Carol Hinrichs Heath
Carol Schug Romanyshyn
Carol Davenport (Wood)
Carole Schug (Romanyshyn)
Carole Schug [romanyshyn]
Carole Lombardi (Wickham)
Cathy Barney (Falcone)
Charles Meeks
Charlie Gould
David Cohen
Debbie Kregloski (Gray)
Dee Dee Newcomb
Diane Cheer
Ed Tosch
Ellen Yanofsky (Schoenberg)
Ellen Janofsky (Shoenberg)
Ellen Yanofsky
Emilie Rowe (Zucker)
Frances Dolan
Frances Hamshar (Dolan)
Gail Handel (Brady)
Gail Clark (Plante)
George Voight
Ginny Kozma (Bevilacqua)
Ginny Blight
Jack Cheer
Jack Timmons
James Weisgerber
Jill Deehan
Jill Deehan (Gilbert)
Jill Ward
Joann Reinhold ((Wright))
Joe Migliara
John Askling
Jorge Benach
Judy Dean
Judy Fader (Dean)
Judy Fader [dean]
Judy Graef
Karen Grossklaus (Anderson)
Karen Esser (Nicholls)
Karl Drzymala
Ken Springer
Linda Cocucci Delp
Linda Cocucci (Delp)
Lois Farina [reilly]
Lois Farina Reilly
Lois Farina (Reilly)
Lou Purcaro
Louis I Don`t Have One (Purcaro)
Louis Purcaro (Purcaro)
Margaret Grant (Childers)
Margaret Grant
Margie Greco (Hunter)
Marie Miscia [riedinger]
Marie Miscia Riedinger
Marie Miscia-riedinger
Marie Miscia (Riedinger)
Marilyn Mecca
Mark Pollard
Marylou And Don Dinapoli (Carlson)
Michael Buonomo
Nancy Allen
Nettie Dukes (Washington)
Pat Hansen (Stead)
Patti Maroot (Miller)
Patti Marroot (Miller)
Patti Miller
Peggy Seebach (Kebabjian)
Peggy Nann (Thomas)
Pete Fredericks (Fredericks)
Pete Miller
Peter Grabosky
Rachel Lavarco
Richard Harper
Richard O'keefe
Rick Malmstrom
Robert Pisarra
Robert Weldon
Robert G. Weldon
Ron Sohns
Ron Testa
Steve Ness (Ness)
Sue Demichele (Pandak)
Susan Filippi [carr]
Suzan Carr
Suzan Filippi (Carr)
Suzan Filippi [carr]
Thomas Bonito
Todd Brady
Todd And Jeanne Brady
Tony Distefano
Virginia Blight
Virginia Maley (Blight)
Warren Mccomas
Wendy Harrison (Moritz)
Total 108 63