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Lois Farina (Farina Reilly)
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June 03, 1944 Real Estate Sales Married 3

I'm happy to be a part of the planning committee for our 50th (! ~ yup, that's right!) reunion .  If the actual reunion is half as much fun as our meetings have been, it will truly be an unforgettable event.  Looking forward to seeing all of you then, if not sooner!
I have been living in Keyport, NJ for nearly five years now and love it!  This sleepy little bayshore town is a real gem!  Since we moved here they have built a beautiful waterfront park, formed a  garden club and art society (I am secretary of Art Society of Keyport and former secretary and treasurer of the Keyport Garden Club) and have over-all made this into a super place to live. 
We have great restaurants and lots of artists, writers, musicians and gardeners!  Dave and I have definitely found our niche and have made many, many good friends.
I had some health issues last year (thus the new 'do') but that is behind me now. I will continue to enjoy every day to the fullest...this is my mantra and has been for years.
I hope to see many many of you in October 2012 or even sooner!

Ciao for now...Lois

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Pete Fredericks
July 12, 1944 Semiretired Married 4
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George Frey
November 19, 1942 retired Married 2
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Jill Deehan (Gilbert)
October 03, 1944 Retired Married 2
Bob Gimpel
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Retired Health Care Executive Married 2
Graduated (finally) from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1970 (after nearly four years in the Navy).  Moved to D.C. and went to work as a news editor for the Voice of America.  Met and married my wife, Syble, in 1973.  Somehow managed to get a Masters in Public Administration from Cornell in 1976 and spent most of the next thirty years as an overworked health care executive, primarily in managed care.  Went through multiple mergers and acquisitions that resulted in us living in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville , FL, St. Louis, Reno, NV, Cheshire, CT, Greensboro, NC, back to D.C, and finally to Wilmington, NC and retirement at the beach (they don't say "shore" here).  Along the way we raised two sons, Lee & Evan, when we weren't moving and, from age 50, traveled throughout the world, which we will continue to do as long as our health permits.  In retirement, I'm a Guardian ad Litem, read for the blind and take Kaycee, my therapy dog (pictured), to visit at local health care facilities.  Also play tennis, senior softball (aka, geezerball), kayak and relax on the beach.  Life is good down the shore............ or at the beach.  Unfortunately, won't be attending the reunion as Syble and I will be in Italy then, including some time in..........Verona.

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charlie gould
May 04, 1944 park ranger Married
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Charlie Gould
May 04, 1944 Park Ranger Married
Well we're almost there so I thought I would join the crowd and write a little bit about myself.  After graduating Rutgers the USArmy thoughtfully sent me overseas for almost 30 months.
After getting out and trying a few jobs I ended up starting an insurance agency with a few partners.  We did pretty well and I retired in 1995.  My wife, Laurel, decided that retirement was not good for me so she found me an outdoors job as a Park Ranger.  So now in my dotage I do a little Ranger work, play a little golf, so some charity work and otherwise enjoy myself working on my propery, excercising my dogs and tinkering with my koi pond. My thanks to all those who made this reunion possible.  See you in a couple of weeks.
peter grabosky
July 21, 1945 Profesor
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Judy Graef
July 14, 1944 Retired School Administrator Single
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Richard Harper
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May 25, 1944 retired Married 2
We have two children and three grandkids.  Our son Rick lives in Greenwich, CT and works on Wall Street.  He and his wife Maureen have two boys.  Our daughter Shelley is a special needs teacher and has a little girl.  Love being able to spoil them rotten and then give them back to their parents to straighten them out again.

We live just North of Charlotte on Lake Norman.which is quite large and has 525 miles of shore line.   We have lived here since 1999 and love it.  We live across the Lake from Rick and Maureen Malmstrom.  I retired in 2008 and my wife and I stay very busy.  I don't know how I had the time to hold a job.  I play tennis about 3 to 4 time a week and play golf occasionally with Rick Malmstrom.  My wife Sandy is also retired and is really into Yoga (at least 3 to 4 times per week).
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