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Carol Hinrichs (Heath)
April 02, 1944 retired Divorced 2
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Jane Hiler (Hodge)
April 17, 1944 Retired Executive Secretary Married 1
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Eileen A. Hoffman
Eileen-Speech-Language Path; Walt was an Electrician Widowed 2

I am Walter's (better known to me as Bud) wife.  We both had been looking forward to attending his class reunion but, unfortunately, he passed away October 17, 2011.  I invite any of his friends to contact me and share stories.  He is greatly missed not only by me, but all of his, my family, and friends.  Are there any Speech-Language Pathlogists retired or otherwise in Verona's class of 1962?    

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Margie Greco (Hunter)
July 03, 1944 legal secretary Single 2
I have lived in Mission Viejo, Ca since 1978.  Recently retired and fill my time with Hannah, Lucas and Alex, my 3 grandchildren, as well as  family and friends.  I enjoy swing dancing and Zuma.  See you in October.  Send Margie a MessageSend Margie a Message
Michael Inglesino
December 30, 1942 Retired Married
I worked for the Verona Board of Education for 25 yrs in the maintenance department. After retiring from there, I worked for Mountainside Hosptial in Montclair, NJ for 10 yrs as a safety inspector. I am now retired, working as a Verona crossing guard at the middle school.  I am married and my wife Judy and I will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary on 09/27. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Tom Jeffreys
July 20, 1943 Retired Married 2
 Moved to Alabama in '75
7  grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren
Retired 2 years ago. 
Every days a Saturday.

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Marvin Kron
February 03, 1944
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John Leuzarder
Profile picture
Profile picture
October 30, 1943 retired businessman Married 2

Following college I worked in Civil Engineering and engineered equipment sales. In 1976 I was laid off from my job partnered with another salesman to form a new company specializing in solving the emerging environmental problems associated with improperly managed hazardous chemicals and waste. In time we became nationally recognized for our expertise in the transport, recovery, and proper disposal of these materials as well as the on-site handling, neutralization and detonation of explosive and other dangerous highly reactive chemicals. I had the privilege of speaking on the subject across the US and writing a course on chemical compatibility, storage and safety which we taught in 26 states.  Our company grew rapidly. We serviced several Universities, The National Institute of Health, as well as many Pharmaceutical and Chemical Companies across the US. During this period we also began an insurance agency, trucking company as well as learning how to lose money in a jewelry business in Morristown.  I married my wife Sue, who was my competitive dance partner (remember the hustle?) in 1982. We have 2 daughters. Noel is 22 and Faith 16. I sold my ownership in the businesses and have spent the last 20 years maintaining our farm, flying as a private pilot,  building furniture and signs for Christian organizations, teaching  young men a variety of outdoor skills and serving on a Board. I also teach several Bible Studies, have written two Christian books and speak in a variety of churches and conferences. In 2007 I was blessed to survive a difficult bout with cancer of the tongue. I enjoy reading about your lives on this excellent website, thanks  to all who have made this possible.

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Alden Long
Profile picture
Profile picture
May 31, 1944 Software Engineer Married 3
* Went to college after High School, graduated with BA in math in 1967.
* Joined USAF, became a pilot, flew in 'Nam, Thailand, and around the world.
* Back to school after USAF, got teaching certificates in Music and Math
* Married 1974
* Taught elementary school music, NJ and MA, 1974-1982.
* Got into computer programming, OJT with a small start up company in MA
* Joined Varian Semiconductor in 1985 -- still there after 25 years.
* 3 children, one deceased, 3 grandchildren.
* Have a small house church meeting in our home in MA.
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larry maher
July 14, 1944 retired Single
my address for may thru oct is
general delivery
cutchogue ny 11935
oct thru april is fla
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