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Steve Ness
Retired Married 2
Married 50 years.  2 children.  4 grandchildred includes a set of twins Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
DeeDee Newcomb
March 27, 1944 retired Committed Relationship 2
I was going to omit my year of birth, but what's the sense...I have 3 lovely grandchildren, but they live near Atlanta.  Have started to listen to XM 50's and 60's music to get me in the mood for the reunion...though it was occasionally hard to live through those years, it really is fun looking back. Send DeeDee a MessageSend DeeDee a Message
Karen Esser (Nicholls)
Profile picture
April 30, 1944 retired Married 2
Thanks for putting this together!

Summer address
5630 SW Riverside Ln #6, Portland, OR 97239

What a fabulous evening! Thanks for all your hard work putting it together and to all who attended! Great fun.

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Barbara Siciliano (Nunez)
January 18, 1945 director of personal shopping Married 3
This site is awesome!!!!!!!!! Send Barbara a MessageSend Barbara a Message
Arleen Stemmer (Nussbaum)
March 03, 1945 early childhood education professional Married 3
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Richard O'Keefe
April 08, 1944 VP Sales Married 6
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Robert Pisarra
May 07, 1944 jubilado Single 3
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Mark Pollard
November 14, 1944 Managing Director Investments Wealth Management Advisor Married 3

Kudos to the planning committee for getting the class reunion organized.  Carol and I have been married for 43 years and enjoyed all the experiences of raising three spectacular children and enjoying the "dividends" of five wonderful grandchildren.  We have lived in Princeton, New Jersey area for all of these 43 years.  I have a great and fulfilling career as an fiancial advisor with Merrill Lynch for 41 years.  Since I am just getting started there are no plans to retire. We travel and do a great deal of vpolunteer work.  I hopoe everyone is enjoying good health and looking forward to being together in October 2012!

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Cynthia Charlton (Porcaro)
November 10, 1944 retired R.N. Married 2
Hope to see everyone at the reunion. Looking forward to the event. Send Cynthia a MessageSend Cynthia a Message
louis purcaro
June 19, 1944 sub teacher Married 5
good to plan another to celebrate all our success and honor those we have lost. I will help in this area,Toms River, if neede, Lou Purcaro Send louis a MessageSend louis a Message
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