Getting Started

If this is your first time here:

Then first of all, welcome! We really hope you will join Verona High School Class of 1962 Web Site so we can all start to catch up with each other and learn what's been going since our last reunion.

While you are here, there are several actions we would really like you to take.

    1. First, please join the site by creating your own personal account on the Registration page. Registration is free. Just click the REGISTER NOW button at the bottom of this page to start.

    1. Don't worry too much about what you write about yourself, as you can always come back and add/change any of the information you provide in your registration. But if you don't provide the information now, please do come back and add it at a later time. We are eager to learn what you've been doing!

    1. Once you have registered you can start to communicate directly with classmates from this site via email or our message board.

  1. Please let your other classmates know about our site and get them to register, too! Tell them the URL is

What we would like you to do next:

OK, after you've registered and written all about yourself, then:

    1. Please help us find lost classmates.

    1. Your Then & Now Photos: Be sure to add both a "THEN" and a "NOW" photo (on Registration page). We have "THEN" pictures of all of you from our 1962 yearbook.

      Click here to see how you can use one of them for your "THEN" photo.

      Click here to see how you can add your "Now" photo to your profile.

    1. Create Your Own Photo Album: Consider creating a photo album of yourself, your family, your pets, your friends, your interests, etc. Once you have all your photo files together, go to the Photo Albums page to create your personal album and upload all your photo files.

    1. Or Add Photos To An Existing Album: Note: If you don't have enough photos to create your own photo album, you can also add single photos to any of the existing photo albums on the Photo Albums page.

  1. Message Boards: Then when you have time, cruise on over to the Message Boards area to read up on things — or even to add your own "thing" to one of the message boards. You can even create a new message thread that others can add to

  2.  Stay In Touch: Check in with us frequently. We will be updating news about our 50th Reunion so you can plan ahead. And we are all anxious to hear from you!

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